The Physics department actively pursues opportunities to conduct research on behalf of industry. This can take the form of contract research or collaborative projects. Please contact the relevant group leaders directly to discuss your research question or needs
The department also hosts the mechanical workshop of the Faculty of Science. The workshop is equipped with all the required equipment and expertise to be able to design and manufacture a wide range of mechanical projects. Please contact the head of our workshop to discuss your needs.

Contract research

  • The Stellenbosch Photonics Institute has extensive experience in conducting industry related research. Past projects include remote sensing, laser based paintstripping, laser beam propogation modeling, to name but a few. For more information please contact Prof Pieter Neethling
  • The theory group focusses on modeling of complex and dynamical systems. For more information please contact Prof Kristian Müller-Nedebock
  • Our Nuclear Research group can advise on nuclear and environmental safety, as well as material analysis using nuclear techniques. Please contact Prof Shaun Wyngaardt for more information.

Mechanical workshop

The mechanical workshop, hosted within the department of Physics services the needs of researchers within the Science faculty. The also offer researchers from other faculties and industry the opportunity to have custom mechanical devices and infrastructure constructed at very competitive prices. To discuss your needs and find out more, please contact the head of the workshop, Mr Lawrence Ashworth.